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Welcome to The Quids Inn!

Opened in 2010 our funky pub sits right in the heart of Coventry University student campus, stones away from the city centre. The Quids Inn has long been known for attracting the students of the city, not necessarily for its airs and graces but for its good atmosphere and amazingly affordable prices. And while the majority of our customers are students, we welcome everyone with a good attitude.

Our Pizza is to die for!

If you’re looking for a place to just kick back and relax, upstairs you’ll find our kitchen and if you haven’t heard already, our pizza is to die for- it is made fresh daily, extremely tasty and very affordable.

Grab a Shot for as little as £1!

For the party animal in you, downstairs the atmosphere is more club-like, loud and dark, plus the coolest and cosiest beer garden in town- definitely a favourite chilling spot for our customers.

Drinks wise we have enough specials to make anyone happy: Towers of beer, fancy cocktails and shots from just £1 to name just a few.

Don't Miss our Live Bands!

Every other Saturday we bring you outstanding live performances by amazing artists to add more excitement to your night.

Keep up to date with upcoming gigs through our social media pages